FAQs / Answers to your Questions

How to get in contact?

Very Easy! Simply call 1300 622 120 and have a chat with us. Or you can visit our Contact Us page to send a message and get address details.

Who do we work with?

Flagstaff Autobody Repair Specialists work with Individuals, Local Business, Large Business, Multi-site Businesses, Corporate Organisations, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Companies, Fleet Leasing Companies, Fleet Managers and everyone in between. From the individual customer to large corporate organisation we provide outstanding service to all. We specialise in Fleet Accident Repairs with a Priority One - Fleet Loyalty Program tailored to suit the needs of small to large fleets located throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

What is your Priority One Fleet Loyalty Program?

As a member of our Priority One Fleet Loyalty Program you will have exclusive access to premium features and benefits for Free! Our Priority One Fleet Loyalty Program includes: Priority Service and timeframes, Priority access to our current model replacement car. Free Pick-Up and Delivery throughout Melbourne and into regional Victoria, Exclusive availability of our tow truck, Priority One Car Wash Package including Full Internal & External Wash & Vacuum, Windows Cleaned & Tyres Shined! Try it out to see what we can do.

Do you offer replacement vehicle?

Yes we offer replacement vehicle. That's right replacement vehicle. There is no catch and minimal terms and conditions. Our replacement cars Do Not have our signage or branding plastered all over them. You won't be driving a mobile billboard, you will be diving a safe, well maintained and current model replacement car for the full duration of repairs. Find our about our replacement vehicle here

Do you offer Free Pick-Up & Delivery?

Yes we offer free pickup & delivery. Our customer service representatives are available for Free Pick-Up and delivery throughout Melbourne an into regional Victoria. We also offer replacement vehicle that can be delivered with our free pick-up & delivery service. In the event your vehicle is not drivable we will use our towtruck for this service and in most case the towing is also free to you. Give us a call on 1300 622 120.

How long does it take for the paint to dry?

Your vehicles paint will be hard and ready for general use upon receiving it back

We use environmentally friendly alternative to harsh solvent based paints. As part of the application process this base product is dried full prior to applying the top Clear Coat. The top clear coat is a 2 part product that cures with the assistance of baking in our LowBake spray booths. After the paint has been baked it is hard to the touch allowing re-assembly and general use. From this point it takes around 30 days to fully cure and all the additives dry out. During the first 30 days after receiving your vehicle it is recommended that you avoid applying a paint sealant/wax, clean off bird droppings and other contaminents straight away, avoid stone chips by adjusting your driving accordingly, avoid carwash brushes or automated carwashes. See more on our Spray Painting page.

How do you check quality of your repairs?

When your vehicle first enters our hands it is entered into our Touchflow Process Control Systems workshop management application. This allows the workshop to stop and check quality around a dozen time during the process with a final fit, function and quality check prior to handover. As a vehicle leaves a department they are responsible for the quality of their component of work. The next department then checks the quality of incoming work and only allows it to go through their component of work if it meets our high quality standard. The responsibility for quality work is not just on the one person doing the work but on each department to check the incoming work and ensure their outgoing work is high quality too. This check and double check method is vital in maintaining an efficient process and reducing unwarranted delays for the customer. In the event we haven't met your standard we have a lifetime guarantee and will attend to any issues immediately.

Where do you store my car?

All vehicles held overnight are secure and safely stored underroof within our workshops

We have a large 2 acre facility with and abundance of secure underroof space. We also have a large lockable yard used for customer and staff parking and on occasion customer vehicles are parked here during the working day only. Your vehicle/s are not parked 'On Street' or left our in the open overnight. The entire site is secured and monitored by a back to base alarm system.

Can I inspect your facility prior to using your services?

Yes you can. We understand that our customers love their cars and want to ensure it is in the best hands possible while being repaired. Please call us on 1300 622 120 or send a message on the Contact Us page to make an appointment to tour our facility. Otherwise just call past and we'll happily take you through our facility, thoroughly explain the process and answer any question you might have.

Do you offer any guarantee?


All work performed at our collision repair facility includes a Lifetime Guarantee. For more information on our guarantee. Please see our Lifetime Guarantee

How long will my car take to repair?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and the quick answer is that most repairs take less than 5 days. There are certain processes that take time and are difficult to reduce the time taken without jeopardising the finished quality. All repairs are performed with the most efficient methods that still adhere to OEM specification and quality. Our workflow is dynamically scheduled to allow both smaller and larger jobs to flow smoothly and efficiently through the process. Our customer service staff will provide a guide to the repair timeframe for your vehicles and if you have any specific requirements regarding timeframes please look into our Express Repairs Option or take a Replacement vehicle to use while we repair your vehicle.

Do you offer Express or Rapid repairs in 1-3 days?

We do offer an Express Repairs Option with limited spots available. Express Repairs are only available when your vehicles repairs are suitable. Certain jobs that require time extensive processes are not able to utilise our Express Repair Option due to the nature of the work required. Even if you are unable to use our Express Repairs Option we will still repair your vehicle in a timely manner or enquire about our replacement vehicle

What form of payment do you accept?
Upon completion of your vehicle you may have and excess or other to pay. Payment is expected prior to or on collection/delivery of your vehicle. Accounts or other payment terms will need to be arranged prior to completion of your vehicle to avoid delays at collection/delivery.

We accept the following forms of payment:
Credit Cards (Visa & Master Cards only)
30 Day Account (available on application only)
Direct Deposit by request (must be arranged well prior to collection/delivery to allow money to clear)

Do you clean my car after repairs?

All vehicles are pre-washed prior to commencement of repairs to reduce contaminants carried through the process. All work is clean and tidied prior to moving along the process but unfortunately at the end there are some signs we have worked on your vehicle. To remove these signs we thoroughly wash and clean the outside including door, boot and bonnet openings, vacuum and wipe the interior and finally shine your tires. You car will be presented looking sharp!

What do you do with waste you produce?

The environment is something we are all passionate about. Flagstaff Autobody are doing our part in reducing the effect our industry has on the environment. We have changed to waterborne paint to reduce to use of harsh solvent based paints. We recycle papers, cardboard, metal, plastic, paint waste/thinner through external professionals. We reduce product usage and choose smarter more environmentally friendly methods where available. The equipment we choose has to meet energy efficient standards and we are implementing LED lighting to help reduce electricity consumption.

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